Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Biebergram & Biebervideogram!!

@justinbieber: Shots is on the front page of iTunes :)

@justinbieber: super cute @ashley_moore_ Proud of you :)
Justin Bieber expressing his beliefs about God!

Justin with fans in New York!!

@justinbieber: Love #mybeliebers

@justinbieber: :)

Justin greeting fans and Beliebers in New York, April 28th.


@wesisontop: Justin and I at the fight the money team tune in May 3rd catch us in the ring !👌 #TMT #INDARING #Wacthout

@sirbizzle: Lay with me

@scooterbraun: Sorry @justinbieber u made it too easy. 😜

@justinbieber: Signature Justin Bieber Buscemi @jonbuscemi :p

Bieber Facts!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Justin posing with fans in New York!!

@justinbieber: Love Nyc

@scooterbraun: Jb in nyc this week. The next steps are going to shock the world!! Very proud of him. How we get back up define us as a man. How we handle hardship. He is ready! Plus this pic is amazing 😎

@justinbieber: when people try and break u I got your back, just like you got mine.

Justin stopping to pose with fans and Beliebers in New York, April 26th.

Biebergram!! (Justin In Central Park, New York City, NYC)

@patrick: Central Park @bizzle @hugo @unclecorey @vikoria

@viktoriailieva04: We mobbin

@justinbieber: Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife but shit sometimes things change. ♛ I’ll think of something more romantic.


@robheppler: #NWMI thru customs @justinbieber

@poobear: Born for this!! Happy birthday Tokyo!!

@jonbuscemi: JB’s Photo Credit: @djtayjames

@ryanbutler: My brother for life. Your creative, hard working, loyal personality inspires me to follow my dreams everyday. Luv ♛

@birdman5star: S/O @justinbieber thanks for tha GIFT nephew earring BLINGIN RICHGANG YMCMB @birdman5star


unseen picture of Justin from a photoshoot

@justinbieber: Easy$$ my brother floydmayweather

@johnny: #2champs

@justinbieber: ♛

unseen picture of Justin from a photoshoot

Bieber Facts!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


@kylemassey: A camera, a song, and a dream #playtimeisover congrats to @ryanbutler on KILLING THE VISUAL

@fadedlifestyle: @djtayjames @justinbieber #fadedlifestyle #varsity #sweats #sweatpants #weknowthedj #fam

@fadedlifestyle: When practicing the guitar @justinbieber rocks the @fadedlifestyle hoodie to stay comfortable!

@taylorcutfilms: #fbf Wembley Stadium @justinbieber @howuseeit

@justinbieber: Bad hairday

Biebergram & Biebervideogram!!

@scooterbraun: With my CT boys @michaelwmccurdy @marclterry and some kid @justinbieber via @shots

@bizzle: #teamsexy

@scooterbraun: With my ct boys and some @bizzle from canada
@scooterbraun: What @justinbieber!?!?

Justin Bieber Detained for Hours at LAX After Trip from Japan!!

Justin Bieber was detained and underwent secondary questioning at LAX airport – “routine” for travelers with open criminal cases, report the Daily News.
His huge van and entourage were stuck at the airport curb for an hour when TMZ.com first reported the travel trouble.

“This kid is turning into a male Lindsay Lohan,” an LAX police source said Thursday night.

After being detained nearly four hours by U.S. Customs after he flew into Los Angeles International Airport, he finally allowed to leave.

The scene was chaotic as he made his way through the crowd, flanked by his bodyguards, one of whom directed Justin by holding him by the scruff of his neck.

He left at around 6:20 p.m. with four bodyguards in tow. Two SUVs and one van had been waiting for the group to emerge from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Justin climbed into one of the SUVs and was driven away.

He was smiling as he exited the airport but had nothing to say to the throng of paparazzi assembled outside.
@justinbieber: All smiles
No information was forthcoming about what U.S. Customs wanted to talk to him about, but this wasn’t the first time that officials have wanted to question him upon his return to the United States from outside the country.

This is not the first time the customs people have stopped Justin and detained him for hours and came out with nothing but I know they are just doing their job.

Biebergram & Biebervideogram!!

@unquestionablep: #tbt not really tho, good times these crazy ppl.
@devinlars: That was a crazy day! #tbt #justinbieber #chrisbrown

unseen pic of Justin in a photoshoot

@loveajoi: This song does it everytime... @poobear @justinbieber #hannahmontana #fun #dance #tokyo #happybirthday #beliebers #happy #swag #us #lifeis

Biebergram & Biebervideogram!!

@djtayjames: My Boss my brother @justinbieber

@gg4g: You’d be surprised when you take a #Pledge for God how many people stand with you! But If God be for you it doesn’t matter who else is with you! #iPledge to use your life/gift/platform for Jesus. God will delight Himself in you if you do so. Your promotion will come from Him. Then your gifts will bring you before great men. #iPledge #tbt “The Pledge - B.” Available on GooglePlay, iTunes & website

@dankanter: #tbt writing Be Alright on the beach in Bali exactly 3 years ago today. #timeflies

dparks901: Hittin some push-ups wit the Biebs before the show #tbt #tourlife S/O to the homies…

@loveajoi: #beliebers