Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Booed, Justin Bieber Strips on Live TV – Fashion Rocks!!

Justin was making a surprise appearance Sept. 9th at charity fundraiser event Fashion Rocks in New York when he decided to ditch his clothes in order to show off his muscled physique.

He and model Lara Stone, 30, were introducing a performance by Rita Ora which featured Calvin Klein jeans and underwear, prompting Justin to show off his own.

Walking on stage to loud boos, Justin asked:
So, uh, I actually don’t feel comfortable unless I’m in my Calvin’s so … is that cool?

He was encouraged by Lara to take his gear off, despite the audience objection, and proceeded to shed his entire outfit apart from his Calvin Klein underwear.

He then tried to encourage the crowd to stop booing and to start cheering.

After the event, Justin joked on Twitter:
Grandma always said kill ‘em with kindness…and then strip on live national tv. Lol

hahahaha. I was laughing so hard. I don't know why people be booing. It's not like they have never seen him with just pants before. I cant say most Beliebers were complaining, I know I wasn't. Kill them with love, kindness and a smoking body Justin, Kill them.

Justin Bieber Arrested for Dangerous Driving and Assault in Canada!!

Justin Bieber was arrested on Aug. 29 in his native Canada, authorities said.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Justin allegedly collided with a minivan while driving an all terrain vehicle. He was charged with dangerous driving and assault.

OPP Constable Kees Wijnands told reporters that the assault charge came after Justin got into an altercation with a man inside the van, while the dangerous driving charge was the result of driving that led to “a danger to the public.”

While Wijnands did not give any more specifics, he did add that another person was on the ATV with Justin at the time of the incident. Paparazzi photos revealed that that same day, he was driving an ATV with his on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

JB’s lawyer, Brian H. Greenspan, told ABC News in a statement:
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi. This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault. Mr. Bieber and Ms. Gomez have fully cooperated in the police investigation. We are hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved.

Another lawyer also defended JB’s actions, saying:
Many celebrities are continually harassed by police. Their privacy is shredded and these incidents can be dangerous. While the public is not particularly sympathetic, they must realise how difficult these cameramen make their lives so I am not surprised there is conflict. It happens quite often, and as long as the paparazzi are highly paid for their photographs, they will continue.

The authorities added that Justin was released shortly thereafter and is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Stratford on Sept. 29. Wijnands said that it would also be acceptable for an attorney to appear on Justin’s behalf.

According to TMZ, Justin’s latest brush with the law could have serious repercussions, since he’s currently on probation for two years after egging his neighbor’s L.A. house, and it’s possible his Ontario arrest could be seen as a parole violation.

For one thing.. These paparazzi were trespassing and have been harassing him and Selena constantly since they arrived in Canada. We don't know all the details yet, but it has come out that he was being chased by paparazzi while he was on his ATV. What professional manner are you talking about? You think it is professional for these paparazzi to invade private property and put lives at risk by chasing after Justin and his passenger with their cars?? They could have hit him instead and seriously hurt Justin and his passenger.. Enough is enough with these paparazzi putting people's lives in danger.. This is not the first time paparazzi have chased Justin and put his life in danger.. How many times does that have to happen before a serious accident happens?? You do realize that it is dangerous? How ignorant to assume Justin is putting this on himself.. What person wants their life put in danger constantly by cars cutting you off or tailgating you, following you constantly? In this case it was cars vs ATV, guess which one is bigger, heavier and more dangerous? The police can't follow Justin around 24/7 and protect him from dangerous drivers such as these paparazzi.. How is he supposed to deal with that on a almost daily basis? Do you want Justin to say please and thank you to these paparazzi for putting his life in danger? This just pisses me off.

Report Says That Justin Bieber Seeing Therapist to Control Wild Behavior!!

Justin Bieber is allegedly seeking help from a therapist to control his wild behavior.

He is reportedly paying $1000-an-hour to see John Kenyon, a psychiatrist based in Los Angeles, to help him deal with his behavior following a number of run ins with the law recently.

A source told The Daily Star newspaper:
Kenyon’s treating Justin in person, when possible, then over Skype when he’s away. Sometimes they even have more than one session a day.

Kenyon’s so booked up he doesn’t normally take on new clients but Justin used his name to skip the three-year waiting list.

It’s too soon to tell if it’s having a positive effect, but the fact that Justin has kept it up and passed the first batch of sessions speaks volumes.

If he hates something he’s not normally the kind of person to stick it out.

His mom Pattie suggested he should give it a go. She’s constantly worried he’ll do something that will ruin everything he’s worked for. And he adores his mom so he agreed to do it for her.

As I've said before, if Justin is getting help to make him a better person then we Beliebers are all behind him, I know I am, supporting him and he would do anything for his mom.. But then all these are just random based reports so you never know.

Justin Bieber Limo Assault Charge Dropped by Toronto Judge!!

Assault charges against Justin Bieber for an incident that happened late last year (2013) in Toronto have been dropped, his lawyer told ABC News on Monday.

JB’s attorney Brian Greenspan said in a statement to ABC:
On January 29, 2014, Justin Bieber was charged with assault in relation to an incident in Toronto that had allegedly occurred on December 29, 2013. Today we appeared in the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto at which time that charge was withdrawn at the request of the Crown.

We welcome the decision of the office of the Crown Attorney to withdraw the charge, having reached the conclusion that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

We have always maintained Mr. Bieber’s innocence. The withdrawal of the charge is the product of a thorough and thoughtful review of the evidence by responsible prosecutors. We thank them for their consideration.

When a report on him is put out that is negative, that is what the public remembers; when a new report shows it was false, the media says almost nothing therefore the original negative stuff is out there for people to think he's out of control, a thug, should be deported.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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rebelo: Little paintball action @jeremybieber @justinbieber @thepatricknilsson

dankanter: 4 years ago today we played Madison Square Garden - which JB sold out in 22 minutes.

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justinbieber: A rainy dream


bigdaddybieber: My oh my how things have changed! Though the memories still remain . Great seeing you again @justinbieber @selenagomez . Much love from Uncle Steve , Aunt Tammy , Brandan & Ryan
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sammy: Thanks @ifirstdance for the drawing and supporting @shots! :)

Justin Bieber: Big news coming this month Cody Simpson

justinbieber: With the homie @ryanbutler

Justin Bieber Takes GF Selena Gomez to Hometown in Toronto!!

Justin Bieber has taken his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez on a trip to his Canadian hometown.

JB began dating Selena in 2010 and their romance has been patchy ever since. They have been spotted on a number of occasions this year (2014) but have not commented on their relationship status.

JELENA were previously spotted at Dave & Buster’s restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday night (August 25) and they have since embarked on a trip to Ontario, Canada, where Justin was raised and his father still lives.

According to E! News, JELENA visited a Tim Hortons restaurant on Wednesday (August 27) to order takeout food but did not speak to each other inside and left in separate cars.

A source tells, “They are doing what they are doing… She doesn’t care, she doesn’t define it.”

Justin also posted a black and white ‘selfie’ image of the pair on Instagram that evening

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted taking a romantic horseback ride last Thursday while on holiday in Canada.

The on-again couple were seen riding horses, with Selena all smiles and Justin wearing a Stetson.

Justin documented the horseback ride on social media, including one that showed his girlfriend riding in front of him.

Selena and Justin partook in an ATV adventure on Friday, during which they were photographed holding on tightly to one another.

The JELENA rekindling is still going strong … as the couple spent Friday riding around on an ATV in Canada.

The two were spotted riding around in Stratford, Ontario where they each took turns riding on the front of the ATV … while the other rode behind and held on tight.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spent their Sunday afternoon poolside at Jeremy Bieber’s home in Stratford, Ontario during their romantic trip in Justin’s native Canada.

Justin felt comfortable at his dad’s house as he opted to go shirtless as Selena cuddled up behind him. Justin showed off his hot body as he wore nothing but a pair of red shorts with the logo of NBA team The Los Angeles Clippers embroidered on them, which he matched with bright-colored sneakers. Selena opted for a much darker look as she showed off her black bikini top with a pair of black tights.

I have said this before but I think they are so cute and just amazing together, sure they are not the perfect couple but they are so awesome together. I love Jelena. I support whatever this is they are doing. Live happy with those that make you happy and love you.

LeAnn Rimes thinks Justin Bieber is “stupid” – In Bed With Joan Rivers!!

LeAnn Rimes doesn’t understand why Justin Bieber parties in public and thinks he should keep his wild side behind closed doors like she did when she was growing up in the spotlight.

Asked about JB, the Can’t Fight The Moonlight singer told In Bed With Joan Rivers:
I always say if you’re going to party like that, don’t leave your house. Just don’t leave your house, you can do it all you want, just don’t be stupid. I think nowadays people are stupid… and everybody has a camera phone. It just makes it worse.”

And when you think you own the world, which anybody could, trust me, I’ve been through the same feelings, you know everything at 16 and ‘Oh my god, I’m selling millions of records, why do I need to listen to you?’ But you get hit in the face with that pretty quick and I guess, you either learn from it or you can spiral way downhill from there.

She wasn't really calling him stupid though she was just making a point to not be stupid but this is just my opinion.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Cleared From Alleged Phone Stealing at Dave & Buster!!

L.A. Police were called out to a Hollywood restaurant after Justin Bieber was involved in an alleged phone stealing incident.

Twitter users reported seeing Justin and on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez at Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood Monday night shortly before the alleged incident occurred.

A LAPD spokeswoman confirmed to the Mail Online that officers were called to the branch of the restaurant and games chain at 9.30pm after reports a person from Justin’s camp had attempted to steal a phone.

The spokesperson said:
Somebody thought someone was attempting to steal a cell.

Confirming Justin was present, the police officer said no one was charged over the alleged theft and it was a “big lot of nothing”.
There’s been no fight, no scuffle and no crime occurred.

After the incident began to be reported online, the star posted a video of himself on Vine playing skeeball confirming he was indeed at the restaurant.

I just think that this call to the police or officers was made by someone who had nothing better to do and just wanted to start drama and get Justin in hot water for no reason at all.