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You Don´t Know Beliebers - The Movie Project.

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As we all know, 4 years ago on the 17th August Justin came to the UK for the first time ever meaning it’s the official UK Bieber Day, so to celebrate and have fun we’re organizing a Bieber Parade! We will be meeting at the Nelson’s Column (Trafalgar Square) at 12pm, but I suggest you come a few minutes early, so you don’t miss us and get left out. When you get there, please sit on the stairs of the Nelson’s Column, or if you can’t get on it stand next to it. We will be leaving at 12:30pm so if you’re not here by then you’ll have to find us. Before we leave, we will just have a chat and giggle to get to know eachother more! The parade should finish at 5pm (17:00) but if you have to, feel free to leave early or late!

To start of we’ll make our way up to Capital FM where we will be singing some of Justin’s songs and chanting, hoping to get noticed. Following up, we’ll head down to Horse Guards Parade where we will take a group picture, and then we’ll pop into St. James’ park where we will relax and have a Belieber chat & giggle sharing our experiences if any, busk, do a flashmob and much more! To make things more exciting, we will be filming for the upcoming movie You Don’t Know Beliebers, so some of you might get interviewed- get prepared! Next, we will make our way down to McDonald’s{make sure you bring money!} where we will eat and then the London Eye, once we’re done we’ll go back to Capital FM where we will sing more Bieber songs and just have a laugh! After we finish, we will go to Trafalgar Square where we will sit on the Nelson’s Column stairs, sing, dance, chant, talk, plank, dougie, take pictures and everything else you can think of!

BRING LOTS BANNERS, LOTS OF HELIUM BALLOONS, FLAGS, BIEBER MASKS, MONEY. Wear purple, black, gold AND ANYTHING BIEBER! This day will be a very fun and exiting day for the UK Beliebers so I hope all of you will turn up!

Please bring along a small donation to Cure ATRT in loving memory of Avalanna, even if it’s just £1.

SPREAD THE WORD USING THIS TWITLONGER. Please join the Facebook Event, so we know you are attending and so you are updated with all activities that will be happening throughout the day.

Any questions please contact me via Facebook or Twitter.




Because the YDKB project is getting bigger and bigger, we have decided to host a flashmob that will take place in Rome for all the Italian Beliebers! We will be meeting at 3:00pm at Piazza del Popolo! Feel free to bring along any merchandise that is Justin related such as t-shirts, glow sticks, banners and anything else which will draw a lot of attention towards us. We will be filming this day, and we hope that all of you can also help out with the filming yourselves. 

Also, we have asked that you film yourselves talking about Avalanna. This doesn't have to be long, but we encourage you to talk about her and spread the word about donating to the charity which helps cure AT/RT. You can donate on our website, and it is situated on our homepage! Any donation, whether it is €1, or €100 is a donation we are proud to accept. Thank you.

Spread the word by using THIS TWITLONGER (English) or THIS TWITLONGER (Italian) and please join our Facebook event to be updated with everything first hand!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any member of the team using our contact page or ask Ludovica who is running the event!

Hope to see you there ☺

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