Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Happened with that Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande Duet??

I guess some of us have been wondering where the duet that Justin and Ariana were working on, well, the situation is that the song is not done yet due to the busy schedules that they both have.

Ariana told AP:
We were working on it. We were in the studio together … we were going to do it, but then we both got busy. I had to focus on my stuff and he was focusing on his, and it just sort of didn’t really get done.

But don’t worry Beliebers, because Ariana promises that the duet between the pop stars will happen… ‘one day.’

We feel like we owe it to our fans to do something one day. We will finish it and put it out one day, but it just wasn’t the right time.

I look forward to when Justin & Ariana get back into the studio to finish that track. I hope that they do get to finish the song and amaze us with their beautiful talents.

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