Thursday, August 7, 2014

Justin Bieber’s Baby Ringtone Saves Russian Man from Bear Attack!!

A man fishing in Russia was saved from a bear attack after his phone’s ringtone — the Justin Bieber song Baby — scared away an agitated creature.

According to the New York Post, Igor Vorozhbitsyn was on a fishing trip in northern Russia when he was attacked by a large brown bear. Luckily for Vorozhbitsyn, his phone began to ring shortly after the bear pounced — and Bieber’s Baby warded off his four-legged assailant.

Igor told the Post:
I had parked my car and was walking towards the spot I’d marked out when there was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me.

I couldn’t believe my luck when the phone went off and he fled.

I know that sort of ringtone isn’t to everyone’s taste but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke.

Whether you like the song or not, Baby has come in handy in some situations and helped out, this one for example.

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