Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Justin Bieber Nominated For MTV Hottest Summer Superstar 2014!!

The winner of MTV’s Hottest Summer Superstar for 2014 will be revealed next week and One Direction currently holding onto their title with Directioners pushing the band over the 55 million vote mark!

Justin Bieber still holds at second place with 45 million votes while Lana Del Rey has stormed into third position with 24 million, budging Lady Gaga and 5 Seconds Of Summer down to fourth and fifth place.

Vote for Justin here! or go to twitter and use the hashtag #mtvhottest Justin Bieber

Current MTV Hottest Summer Superstar Top 10:

1. One Direction
2. Justin Bieber
3. Lana Del Rey
4. Lady Gaga
5. 5 Seconds Of Summer
6. Rihanna
7. Nicki Minaj
8. Taylor Swift
9. Demi Lovato
10. Example

For more information about this go to here. Come of Beliebers, we can do this!

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