Thursday, August 7, 2014

Missy Franklin: "I don’t Agree with his (Justin Bieber's) Life Decision"!!

Missy Franklin is no longer a Belieber.

The Olympic gold medalist and self-confessed superfan Missy Franklin is distancing herself from Justin Bieber.

Back in July 2012, shortly after she won the 100 meter backstroke during the London games, Justin gave her something she appeared to treasure every bit as much as that gold medal: this congratulatory tweet:

Missy promptly responded on her own Twitter account with off-the-charts effusiveness:

The pair finally met backstage at one of JB’s concerts last January.

But after JB’s string of bad-boy antics — including a DUI, egging a house and multiple nightclub fights — Franklin is distancing herself from the Biebs.

Franklin said Tuesday at a news conference before this year’s national championship meet:
I don’t agree with all of his life decisions lately, so I’ve moved on a little from that.

I've heard some critism that she is no longer a Belieber. Well, just because she doesnt agree with some of his life desicions doesn't make her less of a Belieber. I dont agree with all of Justin's life desicions but that doesnt mean that I'm not a Belieber.

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