Monday, August 18, 2014

Jacob Latimore Hitting Studio With Justin Bieber!!

Jacob Latimore sat down with PopCrush, August 13th and opened up about hitting the studio with Justin Bieber.
PopCrush: Speaking of the music video, we saw on your Facebook the other day that Justin Bieber surprised you while filming.
Jacob Latimore: He did. Yeah, he did stop by. It was crazy. I texted him, and then he didn’t text me back, and I was like, “Ah, it’s getting late, he’s not coming,” and then I guess a few people on my team were like [whispers], “Don’t tell him, don’t tell him.” And he just arrived. It was crazy. He watched me doing my thing. It was dope.

That’s awesome. So were you really surprised to see him?
Of course! Yeah, I saw him the night before at the studio, we were just chillin’, and I played the record for him. He was like, “It better be dope. If it’s not dope, I’m gonna tell you.” And I’m like, “Aw, no!” I was worried about it, because if he didn’t like the song, I’m gonna be depressed at the video shoot tomorrow. I’m gonna be like, “[Sigh] Bieber don’t like the song.” He ended up liking it, came to the shoot, showed love, so it was cool.

Did he give you any advice?
He encouraged me to write more music. I’ve been getting into that right now and just getting really into my own music and writing and stuff like that. He was giving me good advice on how to start writing, just start writing it down, and just write what you feel.

You’ve talked about wanting to collaborate with him before. Did you work on any songs together in the studio?
Nah, well, he played a few records for me to see what I liked. I kind of told him what direction I was going… We gonna work soon, we gonna work soon. It’s just a matter of time.

It's always interesting to Justin collaborating with some artists I have never heard of before, so I am interested in hearing at all what they come up with in the studio if they ever collaborate.

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