Thursday, July 17, 2014

Madison Beer: ‘Justin Bieber still the Same Person in the Never Say Never movie’!!

“The Insider With Yahoo” chatted with Madison Beer, who rocketed to success after posting a YouTube video in 2012 which garnered the attention of millions after Justin Bieber tweeted a link to her video.

Now, the 15-year-old is hearing the call of fame with her song, “Melodies.” And while having Justin Bieber as her official mentor has resulted in some negative feedback from the haters, Madison remained positive, saying:
People are always going to have something negative to say, no matter what. So just focus on good energy, and keep positive people around you, and just, you know, focus on your music and what is important and never take your eye off the target.

Madison also opened up about working closely with Justin:
The person that everyone saw in “Never Say Never” and they fell in love with, he is the exact same person now. His maturity level is the same still … He is amazing.

He is really such a good guy, and anybody who says anything different doesn’t really know him.

Preach Madison, Preach!!

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