Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Friends Don’t Want Justin Bieber in Selena Gomez’s 22nd Birthday Party!!

Selena Gomez’ friends think her on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber has control over her and they don’t particularly want Justin to attend her 22nd birthday party next month July 22nd, 2014 — as they think he’ll spoil the occasion.

A source told E! News:
No one wants [Justin] to go. All her friends want him out of the picture and just want her to have a relaxing birthday with no trouble and they think he’s going to dominate her attention.

She doesn’t seem to care that he spends time with other women and isn’t always honest with her. She’s hypnotized.

Her friends just want her to enjoy herself for her birthday, but if Justin attends it might complicate matters.

Her so call "friends" are selling her out. Real friends would never comment on her personal life, unless someone is just making up things. It's her party, she can invite whomever she wants and pleases. We get it, they think Justin is a terrible person and bla bla bla but they have to take a chill pill. What if Justin not being there makes it worse for her? maybe without him there, she will ne thinkin more about him and that would spoil her night, so what is their point in exclusing Justin? They last time he was at her 21st birthday party, they thought that he was cool and chill even though they didnt like him then either.