Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Justin Bieber Parties with Johnny Manziel & Mayweather, Police Get Called twice!!

@justinbieber: With the boys @floydmayweather @tyrese @jmanziel2
Justin Bieber reportedly partied with Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese and others Tuesday night until the police came.

E! News reports the police showed up at Justin’s Beverly Hills CONDO after receiving a noise complaint shortly after 1 a.m. on Tuesday.

Justin was getting his party on with Mayweather, Tyrese, Tyga, Manziel and Chantel Jeffries, the model JB was with when he was arrested in January on suspicion on DUI in Miami.

Beverly Hills Police reportedly told E! no one was arrested and no one was cited. Police said the music was turned down, and that was that.

@justinbieber: Me and my team

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@tyrese: Everything was cool until champ pulled out the original iPod Lol….
@ikitchie: They had me laughing right along with them! 😂 @floydmayweather @justinbieber @tyrese @tyga @manziel2 clowning about Champ’s IPOD #REPOSTfrom @justinbieber’s @shots #justinbieber #TMT #TBE #LA
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@jmanziel2: Money Team @tyrese @floydmayweather @justinbieber
@dj_jaybling@jaybling @justinbieber @miketheconnect I tried to tell them we #themoneyteam stay tuned to what’s next!

@jaybling: Its #themoneyteam @floydmayweather @dj_jaybling @justinbieber #floydmayweather #jaybling #justinbieber turn it up one time!

@tyrese: Beverly Hills, Nights…. You just never know what’s gonna happen….. Lol