Friday, July 4, 2014

Biebergram & Biebervideogram!! (Workin on New Music?)

@johnny: Thanks for the love @scooterbraun. Nice seeing you yesterday bro. (via @shots)
@justinbieber: What u talkin bout

@scooterbraun: This pic is from @shots. @johnny made shots. @justinbieber took the shot. I’m in the shot. That is all. @johnny this was for u :)

@justinbieber: Get my bro @treysongz album I got one on there ;) album sounds great man keep it up

@mskeko73: #MCM I love this guy like I love my own son! He has been their for @theworldshero thru it all SUCH an amazing friend he is!

@yeshuathegudwin: Currently workin on..