Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two Year Anniversary of Justin’s Believe Album!!

It seems like yesterday when Justin released his 3rd album, “Believe”, to the world on June 19, 2012 (although early release occurred in Australia, Germany, and Ireland on June 15th, 2012). Beliebers had anxiously anticipated this release in particular because it was not only new music, but offered a new inventive sound to accompany his deeper toned voice.

Entertainment Weekly even claims that Justin’s album, “[Is] a prime showcase for his new voice and burgeoning mettle, proving that Bieber isn’t just maturing, he’s evolving.”

With such positive reviews, the “Believe” album soared to #1 in 16 countries within the first week and maintained hold on the top 100 in the charts for the year (one of which was the notable Billboard top 100 chart.)

The album was also nominated for 4 awards for the complete album, along with hit singles being recognized in award shows by nominations such as Boyfriend (10 nominations), As Long as You Love Me (1 nomination), Beauty and a Beat (2 nominations), and All Around the World (1 nomination).

Justin also created the Believe Tour so that his Beliebers could see him perform some of “Believe” live. With the setlist containing All Around the World, Take You, Catching Feelings, Love Me Like You Do, She Don’t Like the Lights, Die In Your Arms, Out of Town Girl, Be Alright, Fall, Beauty And a Beat, As Long As You Love Me, Believe, Boyfriend, the tour excited Beliebers for a chance to see their idol live.

If Beliebers happened to miss the Believe Tour, Justin also released his Believe documentary to help give them a chance to relive the Believe album through his movie and recently even released the DVD for all the Beliebers who want to learn the whole Believe Tour choreography.

In addition to it’s success, the Believe album will be honored today on the Second Anniversary of it’s debut. Happy Two-Year Anniversary of “Believe!”
Keep Beliebing!!

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