Thursday, June 26, 2014

Justin Bieber ‘Doting’ & ‘Inseparable’ From Selena Gomez & Jealous, Fans Started #IgnoreJustinProject For Selena Gomez!!

Justin Bieber reportedly has been treating Selena Gomez to romantic dates and flash gifts, pulling out all the stops to win her back by showing her that he can be a true gentleman.

A source told
Justin’s extremely doting on her, and there hasn’t been one second where he hasn’t been touchy-feely and sweet with her. They’re pretty inseparable and very affectionate.

He took Selena to Los Angeles Zoo (June22) as part of a double date with his maternal grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale, and made sure he stayed close by Selena’s side as they took in the sights at the animal park.

Last Friday night June 20th, Justin also treated her to an expensive meal at the upmarket steak restaurant Mastro’s in Beverly Hills, California, before taking her to the cinema at the nearby Westfield Century City mall, to see the new comedy, ‘Think Like A Man’.

However, Justin has not just spoiling Selena with romantic dates as he also presented her with a $10,000 Segway last week in a bid to prove they could have “good, clean fun” together after recently vowing to curb his wild ways for her.

It looks like some beliebers are not happy that Justin Bieber has reunited with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez – and they are letting Justin know by ignoring him on Twitter.

A group of beliebers started an “#ignorejustinproject” trend on the social media site, vowing to boycott Justin online – at least for a day.

Some fans shared their anger via social media site:
If Justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him #ignorejustinproject.

Like we all tweet each other but not him, and not like any of his photos. No interacting with him. No favoriting, tweets or RTing, dming, instagramming photos that tag him and on shots too. Let’s see if he f*cking notices.

Are you going to start ignoring fans and being rude to us again bc last time u dated her u acted as if u hated us @justinbieber

While the hashtag quickly trended, many more of fans pointed out that the project was ridiculous. Many pointed out that Justin usually goes above and beyond for his fans, some also pointed out that the trend was “immature,” “ignorant” and “hurtful” to the fan base. In the wake of all the hate, Justin still has his loyal fans out there who got topics #supportjustinproject and the #ilovejustinproject trending last night.

Some loyal beliebers wrote:
“#ignorejustinproject” stay away. we don’t need fake fans!!!

Who ever made this hashtag #ignorejustinproject it’s really disrespectful and rude I’m really ashamed of who ever made this.

actually maybe the #ignorejustinproject would be good for me bc while y’all are ignoring him i can tweet him and get my follow

#ignorejustinproject what the hell @justinbieber has been here for us for so long If you think this is right your the fakest belieber ever!

Leave this fanbase if you actually want to do this. What the hell is this. This is so mean.

im going block, report, uninvite you to my birthday, hack and deactivate your acc if you’re part of “#ignorejustinproject”

We are here for a lifetime, it isn’t over yet. we aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

I’ve been supporting Justin through the drama, relationships, bad times & good times & there’s no way I’m leaving him.

In the wake of all the hate, Justin still has his loyal fans out there who got topics #supportjustinproject and the #ilovejustinproject trending last night.

I honestly personally think this was kind of uncalled for, I mean I am a Belieber and I am a Jelena fan, I get that not all Beliebers are and am trying to respect that. I think some of us should actually keep in mind that Justin has a life too and he loves Selena, and they should try to respect that, not for Selena, but for Justin's happiness, there is nothing you can really do about his love for her. I'm not going to sit here and call the Beliebers who don't support Jelena fake Beliebers because they are not fake, they just a different opinion and they are entitled to it. I guess they have their reasons as to why they don't support Jelena but for us who do, let's keep it up. Whether we Beliebers are Jelena fans or not, there is one thing we are all going for, that we want to see Justin happy. And I feel as though he is super happy when he is with Selena, doesn't mean that he has forgotten us Beliebers.

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