Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Austin Mahone Is No Justin Bieber. Weak Album Sales, Record Label Disappointed!!

Many would guess Austin Mahone is one of the hottest pop stars for today’s young audience, but sadly, his record sales aren’t mirroring that!
He has a legion of adoring fans -mahomies, his musical talents are pretty AH-Mazing, and even though he doesn’t like it, he’s compared to Justin Bieber!

An executive from Austin Mahone’s record label Republic Records has expressed disappointment over the less-than-stellar sales for Austin’s new EP, The Secret.
Speaking at a recent music seminar in New York City, Republic executive Avery Lipman said:
The kid can close down any mall in America, but we are struggling to sell a meaningful amount of records.

It sounds good, looks good; goes right in the weeds.

Austin’s The Secret sold 46,000 copies in its first week to debut at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, before dropping to No. 34 in its second week with just over 8000 copies sold.

When you compare The Secret’s numbers to what Justin Bieber was doing in his early days, you can really notice the difference: JB’s 2009 debut My World sold 137,000 copies in its first week, followed by My World 2.0 with 283,000 copies, My Worlds Acoustic with 115,000 copies, and Never Say Never: The Remixes with 165,000 copies. Those albums also kept selling after their strong opening weeks, with all of them reaching either gold, platinum, or multi-platinum sales.
Outside of albums, Mahone’s also weak on the singles side of things; his biggest hit to date is “Mmm Yeah,” and that only peaked at No. 49 on the Hot 100.

I don't expect Austin to be like Justin, they are not the same person and they dont have the same luck, everyone fights hard because it's a tough industry to be in, Justin and Austin are two different artist and it's abit unfair to compare the two, they are both crazy talented but no doubt, Justin is still the prince of pop.

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