Saturday, June 28, 2014

T.I. on Justin Bieber’s Controversy, Hopes to Save him ‘a little anguish’!!

Rapper T.I. tells MTV News about the bond that he and Justin share. The rapper hopes mentoring Justin Bieber will “keep him from going down the same path”.

He tells MTV News:
Just trying to use my experiences to help somebody keep them from going down the same path that I did. Save him a little anguish.

Justin has really been calling me just to help him navigate himself through, from where he is to where he has to be.

T.I. also gives his thoughts on the controversy surrounding JB’s leaked videos. He says he hasn’t spoken to Justin after two videos of him making racist jokes hit the Internet, but he believes JB has to be held accountable.

Every man is held accountable for his actions and his words spoken. However, I also think we should take into account the time in which this happened and the age of the person when it happened.

I think that he definitely has to answer to it. He definitely has some explaining to do. But I think everybody that heard it has to allow him that opportunity. You can’t already convict somebody before they come forth with their rebuttal or their explanation. I think that is pivotal.

There is nothing to save Justin from he is just as normal as any other human being. But, you have to give Justin. The rascist jokes were dumb and stupid, he didnt know any better at 15 but he's apologised, there is nothing more he can actually do about that. I give Justin credit for being a very strong person. Because, he deals with alot that we do not even here about all lies and rumors as always. Also, dealing with these crazy people in the world not just tabloids and the media but regular day to day people now trying to exploit money from him and he can barely go anywhere to enjoy himself if it's not the paps it's someone trying to start some type of conflict with him so they can call TMZ to sell their story and video trying to get paid. And they were the ones harassing Justin, I admire the strength you have to just keep moving forward and enjoying life. As you know only the strong survive which to me you are a good example of that. And thank you T.I for standing by his side and giving Justin advice, that's love. Very much appreciated.

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